About Us

Founders of YoungOnes

Focussed on preserving youth values, YoungOnes Apparel was created by Chris Rea and Tom Carson from their student bedroom back in 2012. With a mission to create high quality apparel at an affordable price the brand took off on Exeter campus and word quickly spread around the UK. 

The lads had stock piled up in their house on Vic Street making daily trips to the post office in between lectures. The big break for Y1 came when Chris and Tom were invited to be on BBC Dragons' Den at the end of 3rd year. They appeared on the show the day after Chris's final Uni exam! Hard work paid off and they were offered £75,000 from Duncan Bannatyne.

After sitting down and considering this offer the boys decided they didn't want to give up 40% of YoungOnes so turned down the offer to remain as an independent brand. 

Y1 now creates a wide range of apparel from tees to parka coats. The brand also hosts Y1 Nights with some of the hottest DJ's, keep an eye out for the next one.

YoungOnes is all about making the most of our youth so we are always on the look out for young designers, photographers, models and interns. Check out our Careers page to get involved in the Y1 journey! 

YoungOnes has a brother company Y1 Sport which is the custom apparel side for sports teams. If interested in a new kit supplier for your team take a look at our new performance range.